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In March of 1984 Bruce Updike, a telephone cable splicer facing a changing workplace due to deregulation, was shown an advertisement announcing the bid procedure servicing the public dumpster sites in Bedford County. Bruce, and his librarian wife Wanda, did their homework, drew on their experience helping Bruce’s brother in his garbage hauling business, and made a competitive proposal. Selling his incredible work ethic and many of their possessions landed the Updikes in the garbage business and BSW Waste Solutions began hauling all of Bedford County’s trash in July of 1984. Bruce and one other driver began, and soon his wife Wanda was called into duty billing and driving a Front Load truck a couple of days a week. Since then the business has grown to serve large customers in Region 2000 such as Campbell and Amherst Counties, industry like J Crew, small businesses and over 5000 individual households for curbside pickup. Now in their 27th year, Bruce’s son Ben and his wife Tally continue to grow BSW Waste into the second generation, expanding to be the only privately held company in Lynchburg to offer all types of waste services from industrial roll off and front load to curbside garbage service, and now with its partnership with Recycle Easy, curbside commingled recycling.